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  5. Environmental Audit

The Environmental Audits are carried out to not just fulfil the government regulations but also to find out how the existing pollution control systems are working and, if any changes in the existing pollution control measures are required. R·O·O·T·S can boast of a team of experts who typically understand the intent behind Environmental Audit and suggest due corrections.


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  6. Cleaner Production.

With limited possibility to treat waste streams, with changed pollution streams due to continuous process modifications and improvement, in the ill designed ETPs and insufficient pollution control measures, industry is waking up to the reality of minimization of waste at the source itself rather than look for solutions at the end-of-pipeline which end up being more costly! Trained experts would undertake such assessments.

The assessment will help to minimize waste by looking at the ‘process’ from a different angle finally coming up with Cleaner Production (CP) option with demonstrable savings. Being a complete structured assessment, the process can be applied and sharpened at the facility level by internal CP agents, thus perpetuating the skill and improvements.The assessment typically takes 6 months; options for government assistance in the assessment are also available.

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Service requires increased participation and openness in sharing of data about the process rather than client’s productive time! The results are often dramatic! Advantages are that the methodology once learnt by the client can be applied without further advisory obligation. 


  7. ISO 14001 Facilitation
R·O·O·T·S sees troubleshooting and de-bottlenecking of ETP operation as an area of opportunity and challenge. The existing industrial ETPs were built about a decade back with different discharge standards and for different composition of waste. Changed products mix, tighter standards and compliance pressure along with several changes in the manufacturing practices have forced the industry to modify their existing ETPs suited for a different objective.

Most of the times, the ETPs could be corrected to the existing pollutant character and loads by reworking/replacing the chemical dosings, adding-on modular treatment steps. The fine-tuning of the flows and residence timings all involve thorough knowledge of the wastewater and process but have very little capital expense.
Performance evaluation of the existing ETPs v/s intended ETPs – possible design modifications are also offered. ETP design and related consultancy is another area of service we offer.
  8. Specialised Projects

R·O·O·T·S along with its associated companies has wide and varied experience in carrying out studies on behalf of various international and government agencies such as United Nations (UN), World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), etc. The studies carried out included a World Bank study on the Health Risk Assessment of workers in Alang Ship Breaking Yard, MoEF study on the profiling of Isolated Storages for whole of India which included inventorisation, study of stockpiles, source, usage, etc, CPCB study for Optimum Water Consumption Limit for the Bulk-drugs manufacturing Industry”, etc.

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