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  1. Environmental Due Diligence / Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Due Diligence is done for assessing the environmental obligations / liabilities due to the activities proposed to be carried out. Environment Impact Statement translates the assessments into a comprehensive document. Environment Impact Statement is a mandatory document for the industries undertaking major products substitution or addition provided the industry is notified as requiring Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) as per the EIA notification of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF).

R·O·O·T·S can declare complete cycle EIAs/Due Diligence as their forte without an iota of hesitation. The firm boasts of a learned and experience team of experts on enviro-legal matters, process, both physical and biological, modelling and image interpretation and others. The firm understands the process of EIAs/Due Diligence better and carries out the assessment in accordance with MoEF and World Bank/Asian Development bank guidelines.


We have wide experience presenting the findings before various technical committees, both at state and central level. We are serious business auditors and choose to work for clients, who want to know the environmental liabilities and are focused on sustainable development. The advantage for such a true audit for the client is identification of gaps/problem areas for the client, which they can rectify later on.

  2. Environment Management Plan



  3. Environmental Engineering
R·O·O·T·S sees troubleshooting and de-bottlenecking of ETP operation as an area of opportunity and challenge. The existing industrial ETPs were built about a decade back with different discharge standards and for different composition of waste. Changed products mix, tighter standards and compliance pressure along with several changes in the manufacturing practices have forced the industry to modify their existing ETPs suited for a different objective.

Most of the times, the ETPs could be corrected to the existing pollutant character and loads by reworking/replacing the chemical dosings, adding-on modular treatment steps. The fine-tuning of the flows and residence timings all involve thorough knowledge of the wastewater and process but have very little capital expense. Performance evaluation of the existing ETPs v/s intended ETPs – possible design modifications are also offered. ETP design and related consultancy is another area of service we offer.
  4. Green Belt Developments and Plantation Management
Greenbelt design (or aesthetics and efficacy, wind break, species selection according to the canopy density requirement, littering, watering requirements, resistant species) for amelioration of air pollution, high TDS waters so that you could feed them with rejected waters. Protocols for plantation management etc also can be developed. R·O·O·T·S has considerable expertise in development of Green Belt and Plantation Management in Chemical, Specialty Chemicals sector.